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Rodinné centrum STONOŽKA - Košice

The rules

Let`s be tolerant towards each other and teach our children to be tolerant as well:
1. EVERYBODY is warmly welcome in our mother centre.
2. We all came to the MC to relax, so let`s avoid (as far as it`s possible) being too loud.

Let us be an example to our children and keep these principles together with them:
3. Children and their parents come here. They are all clean and neat.
4. Only healthy children and parents come to the MC Stonozka.
5. Before entering the playroom we all take our shoes off (change our shoes).

6. Keep in mind that some food and beverages (e.g. yoghurts, filled biscuits, juices, bananas) might stain the carpet and the playroom equipment badly. The more money we pay for the cleaning, the less money we have for buying new toys for our children.
Therefore, let`s all eat by the table and always clean up after we finish.
7. We prefer fruit to sweets.

8. The adult person who comes with the child carries the responsibility for them. If he/she needs to leave for a while (go to the toilette for example), he/she asks one of the present moms to keep an eye on the child.

Teach the children to keep order:
9. The parent takes care of the children, so that they don`t spoil the toys and the furniture.
If the child finishes drawing, the colour pencils should be put back to the place where they were before.
Mind that the child uses the board markers only for drawing on the board and paper markers for drawing on the paper. It is FORBIDDEN to draw on the walls!
10. When we leave, together with our children we put back all the toys we were playing with. The toys are to be placed to exactly marked places.





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