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Rodinné centrum STONOŽKA - Košice

MC Stonozka

MC Stonozka – the birth

Mother centre Stonozka came into being on 6th June 2007 as a civil nonprofit association. It was founded by moms on their maternity leave, who became its managers. It arose from the need to move forward and do something for moms on maternity/parental leave, their children and families. The mommies do the work for mother centre on voluntary basis in their free time. The inspiration for the activities comes from the needs of their own children. MC Stonozka is not financed by any company or organisation, it gathers the means neccessary for its activities from the mommies, their families and sponsors. On 28th September 2007 MC Stonozka became a corporate member of The Mother Centre Union. The main message of the Union is “to reach respect and recognition of maternity in the society and form supporting conditions for maternity in the best interest of children and families.”

Reasons for the birth of Mother Centre in general:


  • the downfall of three-generational model of help and counselling,
  • social isolation of the women for several years, loss of their skills, confidence and contacts in their profession,
  • lack of inspiring facilities and safe playgrounds folr the children during the first years of their life,
  • neglect, reluctance to help, even arrogance of the public towards mothers with children, various types of barriers and restrictions on the entrance with baby buggy, mothers` complex of feeling like a burden,
  • laws which do not motivate people to have children and leave the women no free choice of staying home with the child or going back to work.


The mission of MC

The mission of MC is to help the children by helping their parents. It`s primarily the background and models of behaviour of close people that have the major impact on the child`s personality, their mental and physical health. MC form motivating background for:


  • mutual help and learning, they are the impulse for active solution of one`s problems,
  • meeting and coming closer of people from different backgrounds, of different education, religion, experience, which motivates the people to tolerance,
  • education and counselling,
  • personality growth, which offers new opportunities and second chances,
  • forming and confirming civil principles,
  • safe and creative amusement for children, exploring the world and building the first relationships.





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